Wedding Photography Styles in Philadelphia, PA

Styles in Photography

Wedding photographers in Philadelphia, PA have different styles in their profession. Some may have portrait styles, traditional, journalistic or high-fashion approach in their photos. There’s also a type of photography that’s making its way to the most trending list of photography styles. The style is called black and white photography. More and more people love the effect of this nostalgic color. Why do wedding photographers love black and white for their post-process outputs? Here are the reasons why.



Black and white color scheme is ideal to almost all kinds of photography such as portrait, urban, architecture, landscape and others. It can adapt to almost all sorts of lighting conditions.


Black and white allows you to concentrate on the image itself, rather than the color. You can concentrate your focus more on the subject. You can pinpoint certain details in the composition, which may have been obscured by color. Black and white gives you the opportunity to pinpoint the distractions and cut them from the image. You don’t need lots of adjusting to do in black and white.

More drama.

It is easier to emphasize drama by creating images which have strong contrast and heavy vignettes with black and white. Vanishing lines in black and white photos creates a very visually powerful effect in the eyes of those who will take a look at the photograph. This is picture-perfect to be included in the portfolio of a wedding photographer in Philadelphia, PA.


Most famous photographs are captured in black and white. Though the fact that way back then, only black and white is available, people from the modern pay high regards to beautiful, dramatic, emotion-packed black and white pictures. For some reason, when we think of the past and other memories very unforgettable to us, we imagine it in black and white. And that makes it timeless. Dreams are also often in black and white backdrops.

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