What Wedding DJs Suit You Best in Boston MA

Mobile DJs, Are they Right for You?

DJWhen you’re in the position of looking for good wedding DJs in Boston MA you need to pick the right one. A good DJ can make or break your wedding, basically if the DJ doesn’t know how to interact with a crowd or basically make your guests have a good time then you didn’t hire a good DJ. In this article we will talk about two kinds of DJs, the Mobile DJ and the Club DJ. There are many more different classifications of wedding DJs in Boston MA, but for now let’s tackle the two.

Mobile DJ
These DJs are owners of their smaller businesses, they have their own equipment, they might work with other mobile DJs and they usually keep up with what is trending in the industry. Some may have club Skills such as what you would hear when you are out partying in a night club, while others only push the play button on their IPods. Mobile DJs commonly have experience in coordinating events and they are typically comfortable in front of crowds. Take note though, these DJs might have a tendency to overdo it on the microphone. We all know how lame wedding stereotypes are; they have a tendency to become that. Mobile DJs know how to keep the party going and know how to interact with crowds.

Club DJ
Just like some mobile DJs, club DJs usually have their own sound and lighting equipment the can create picture perfect party. Many club DJs also specialize in only one or two types of music. Just like some mobile DJs, club DJs are used to working at night clubs, which means they know how to interact with crowds and keep the party going. As we all might know, club DJs know how to think on their feet, they usually remix and spin music right on the spot they don’t make a playlist in advance.

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