Wedding Catering Trends – Wedding Catering Providers Houston TX

Popular Wedding Catering Styles

Catering ServicesWhen it comes to picking a catering service, people tend to choose the traditional menu for the wedding celebration. However, wedding catering companies in Houston TX offer a bunch of different menus that will satisfy the taste buds of the guests. Many wedding couples nowadays are becoming so adventurous. They want to try something different and new. Just like wedding photographers, wedding local catering providers in Houston TX offer contemporary and palatable menu to the clients.

Here are some trendy things that you want to be included in the wedding catering providers in Houston TX:

  1. Food stations – this is ideal if you want to introduce a different kind of foods to your guests. They can choose what they want to eat. In most cases, the food from the stations is bite size. Every station has its own staff so that the foods that are not common can be introduced to the guests properly. In this case, they have the opportunity to ask how it tastes without the tasting process. This is ideal for people who are conscious of the taste of the food. This kind of set up is way expensive than the traditional one, but the thing is, your guests will surely enjoy the food. Guests will also have the chance to socialize with other guests that they don’t know.
  2. Cocktail bars – this is a fun way to socialize. Guests can order cocktail drinks and make it more customized. They are allowed to come up with their own drink ideas. The celebration becomes more interactive.
  3. Carved table – is another great way to serve food for the guests. Usually, huge meats are being served in this kind of food serving. Commonly served are; leg of the lamb, turkey, ham and many more. This wedding catering idea is perfect for a traditional dinner which you can embellish at a carved table.

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