Unique Outdoor Places to Take Your Wedding Pictures in Houston TX

Unusual Place for Outdoor Wedding Pictures

Yes, indoor pictures are really great— but if you have a free spirit, outdoor wedding photography is best for you. It will capture your free personality along with your partner. Houston, TX houses unique places to take wedding pictures so why only be contented with indoor receptions?

When it comes to wedding photography, the fusion of urban and natural elements is very important. It adds value to the drama of photography. If you want a fusion wedding photography area, Buffalo Bayou is the best place to go. This river flows along Houston so you will have lots of shooting opportunity. It highlights the symmetry of the river and industrial parks. The best time of the day to shoot wedding photos in this area is during sunset. It will give you lots of cool photos. After taking pictures, your entourage should pack up because this is not the safest place in town.

In Houston, there is a unique place wherein most of the houses have not changed in 50 years. This place is called The Heights which could be a good place for wedding photography. There are no other places like this in Houston so your photography’s outcome will be very unique. The place is also accessorized with oak tree tunnels. Feel the history of this place fused with nature in your photography. Here for more info about wedding photographers in Houston.

Although this place is not very versatile when it comes to wedding shoots, taking a wedding portrait in Williams Water Wall could be a brilliant idea. The most unique feature of this place is the rush texture that you can get on its background. If you have the eye for architecture, this place is an excellent choice.

There are lots of unique places to take wedding pictures in Houston, TX but these three being mentioned in this article are the standouts. Explore Houston and capture its beauty in your wedding photos.

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