Tips for Getting Started and for Getting Success in Wedding Headshots in Houston, TX

Starting Headshot Business

photo4Wedding headshots in Houston, TX have invaded the photography world; it is not just for corporate purposes. Nearly every wedding needs to have one particularly the brides. Having this kind of photograph is also ideal if the bride wants to post a social media profile picture with her wedding dress. Many photographers nowadays realized that there is a huge potential for incorporating headshots into an existing photography business or even starting a photography business focusing on headshots exclusively.

Unlike any wedding photography out there, wedding headshots in Houston, TX always concern with the time. Time is the main commodity in wedding photography and you can make the big bucks by spending more time with your clients but in headshots it’s a different story. The less time you take to do a great job, the better. Such photography requires quick work with a lot of professionalism. This is also applicable when doing corporate headshots, in fact executive headshot will only last 10 minutes or less.

It is also advisable to get portable. One of the biggest selling points of a wedding headshot in Houston, TX business is having a studio where the client can come for the session. An even bigger selling point is being able to come to the client’s office and create studio-quality portraits on site for them. If you shoot a lot of professional headshots, you will work on location frequently. Put together a light, portable kit that’s ready to go. Tearing down your studio lights and backgrounds every time you get the call will get very tedious. Most jobs can be easily handled with speedlights, reflectors and small modifiers.

Have your printed contract work. For a business, hiring a photographer is an item that gets checked off of a list. Not a lot of emotion goes into these types of purchasing decisions so the easier you make it to hire you, the more you will get hired. Have all the necessary paperwork ready to go in an easy to locate place on your computer. When an inquiry comes in, attach your w-9 to the response. As well as saving the client a step, it shows that you have done the job before and are organized and ready to do it again. It’s also good to keep a copy of your license and liability insurance handy, you will get asked for those from time to time.

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