Simple Money Tips for Married Couples

Married Couples’ Money Guide

weddingIf your marriage is being loomed by financial issues then it could put an end into a fairy tale you have been dreaming about. Before money destroys your marriage, you need to do something. According to experts, by studying on how to plan financially a marriage can still be salvaged.

According to statistics, financial issue is the number one cause of arguments among American couples. This survey was done by AICPA (American Institute of CPAs). Experts are also reiterating the every couple should have knowledge when it comes to money management before committing into marriage. You don’t need to be a licensed CPA to plan for your finances; all you need to have is direction.

Here are some of the simple tips that can help you salvage your marriage financially:

Create a budget with your husband

In order to make your marriage robust and healthy, it is a requirement to make a budget together. Household budget is something that should not be done by a single person only. There should be a mutual participation so if there is anything that is accountable, no one is to blame. By setting the budget, you two have the baseline when it comes to financial decisions.

Schedule for the proper time of budget discussion

Most couples are always busy after the wedding that they don’t have the time to talk regarding finances anymore. Issues like this should have a proper time and venue, so setting the date and time is just appropriate. You can have it on weekend over dinner or morning while having breakfast. Choose a time which is convenient for the two of you. According to experts, the discussion should be fun, not stressful. Your partner will always look forward to this event if there is always something special and surprises.

Always be respectful

If one of you has bad spending habits, the approach of calling out should be done in a respectful manner. If you two are not careful when it comes to approaches then it can be a cause of fallout especially when arguments are starting to heat up. Always open your ears and listen and do not judge.

One of the foundations of a good marriage is the ability of the couple to balance financial inflows and outflows. If these skills complements with other elements of marriage, the couple will have a healthy lifetime commitment.