Ideas for Taking Outdoor Wedding Photos by the River in Chicago

Wedding photography by the River Tips

Wedding photography in Chicago, IL including those photographs by the river requires specific knowledge when it comes to outdoor wedding photography. it is crucial that the photographer that you’ve hired can see potential ideas to specific photography venue and location.

Wedding PhotographyHere are some things that you need to consider when taking wedding photography in Chicago, IL:

1. Punctuality – this is probably the most important during the wedding day photo shoot. It is crucial so that the session will be finish right away. Being early in the set will also give you the chance to prepare and fix other things that is needed for the photoshoot. Other photographers tend to charge hourly rate. If this is the case, you need to be punctual because even if you are not yet there you still need to pay for the time.

2. Plan ahead – the photo shot can be hectic. It is important that you will pre plan the activities to avoid any inconvenience. If unsure on what to do or pose during the Chicago wedding photography, this is the right time to plan. You can read bridal magazine, research in the internet or discuss it with your Chicago photographer.

3. Time is gold – most of the photographer knows the right time of the day to take amazing wedding photographs by the river or any outdoor photography. They always consider the golden hour in which photographers love to take photos. One of the common mistakes is that many brides think that the sunnier the day the better. The thing is, the harsh light of the sun creates unwanted shadows that are not flattering in the camera lens.

4. Extras – Bringing extra batteries, micro sd, portable reflector and other accessories will help you (the photographer) to be more prepared. Taking photographs outside or by the river can be an issues if you want to recharge your batteries because of the unavailability of the power supply. Bringing extra micro sd or memory card will help you to continue the photoshot. This is ideal for those cameras that have large memory.

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