Guide for Couples in Los Angeles, CA when Shopping Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings

engagement ringsThe designs of styles of today’s engagement rings picture are popular and favor the taste of many women. From the colored gemstones, mounted pearl to engraved romantic lines, all of these make an engagement ring unique and one-of-a-kind. However, these are also the things that some women do not like and prefer a vintage one.

If you are one of the few women or your partner loves vintage rings, you better search thoroughly for vintage engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA. Although there are many stores that showcase vintage engagement rings, you can’t really tell if the rings are genuine vintage.

Here is a guide for you and your partner, if you are shopping together, to find the piece of vintage jewelry that she will love to wear every day.

Authenticity – it is still a debate until today on when to consider jewelry an antique or vintage. Many jewelry appraisers consider jewelries antique if it has been 100 years old and above already. However, in the recent times, any jewelry aged 50 years old and above is now considered vintage.

How do you actually know the age of the ring? You need the help of a gemologist and jewelry appraiser for this. It is guaranteed that you will have an authentic vintage engagement ring if you deal with a reputable antique jeweler and a skilled gemologist.

Vintage rings have different characteristics too, and this helps in identifying its age. From the motif, cut and styles of gems, the jeweler can tell what era it was designed and made.

The date of production of the engagement ring can be determined through the ornamentation, symbolism and its overall style. Its age could be depicted by the lines and patterns used. Any historical events on that era could be told from the ring’s motif.

An important factor that can tell if the ring is indeed vintage is through the gemstone’s cut. There are cutting styles and shapes that aren’t commonly used today. The table cut and rose cut, for example, are just two of the earliest cuts and can hardly be seen nowadays. Although there are copycats, but a gemologist can help you tell the difference.

When shopping for vintage engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA, you should ask as well the gemstones and metals used for the ring. The common stones and metals used today were non-existent 50 or 100 years back then.

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