Crawfish’s Outdoor Wedding Catering Tips in Houston, TX

Tips for an Outdoor Wedding Catering

catering1Wedding planning is not complete if you haven’t planned for the wedding catering. Food is one of the things that you should not miss when holding a wedding reception. In order not to commit mistakes like serving spoilt food and other mishaps, the best way is to work with the professionals of Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX.

Here is the best advice from the professionals when you are planning for an outdoor wedding catering:

(1) Always think of the setting’s weather. The food that you are going to serve will always depend on the theme of the event and the weather during that season. If you are to tie the knot in summer, it means that the food should also go with the summer feels. Moreover, the safety of the food should be monitored since the weather temperature may easily go up and down. A sudden change in temperature may cause food poisoning.

(2) Tent selection. One of your enemies when serving an outdoor catering is the wind. Based from the professionals, it is essential to choose the most strategic tent. The area where the food tent is built should be secured in order to evade strong winds. Most of all, the fixtures should be checked from time to time. Other things that should be given attention are the cake and food tables. These tables should be secured to the ground. If the food and cake table were carried by the wind, it will surely be an embarrassing moment for your wedding event.

(3) Ensuring the safety of the wedding food. The key role of your caterer is important for this part. As much as possible, the hired caterer is experienced on how to secure the food for an outdoor wedding. Your goal is to keep the food fresh. If the food is left out for a long period of time, it might be harmful to eat due to the heat. Before signing the contract, make sure to read the caterer’s plan on how to arrange the whole thing in an outdoor venue.

When talking to your Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX, make sure you open up your needs. Not all couples are the same, so what you see from others may not necessarily apply to yours. According to experts, planning with the caterer nine months ahead is recommended. Most of all, you should attend food tasting sessions.

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