How to be the Best Wedding DJ in Detroit, MI?

Tips in Being a Great DJ

Wedding DJ3When it comes to the wedding entertainment, you are dealing with the best day of someone’s life. It is very important that they will enjoy it. You need to make sure that you will be one best wedding DJ to make sure that they will be happy and satisfied. If you want to know how professional wedding DJs in Detroit, MI makes their way to the top, you need some of these tips from them:

Tip #1

Many venues have an in-house DJ but don’t feel pressurised into using them. Feel free to shop around and find the right company for your special day. Where possible, look to meet with your Wedding DJ and consider doing this before you book them. Ask them about their hosting style, their DJ style and you will be able to gauge if they are the right person to be a part of your wedding day. A DJ can help with other aspects of your wedding day and not just the evening disco. They can also supply music and lighting for your Ceremony, the signing of the register, background music during the Wedding Breakfast and microphones for speeches for example.

Tip #2

When you first contact your DJ try to supply as much detail about your wedding day as possible. Through understanding your plans, your DJ can provide a more accurate quote and maybe even suggest options you hadn’t considered to enhance the day.  Consider the timings and how best to keep a natural flow to your day. Your DJ will be able to advise on the best time for the First Dance, cutting the cake, buffet etc. Also remember that a DJ will need time to to set up. This can typically take up to an hour and so you might like to ask if they can set up earlier in the day. Make sure your wedding DJ has the necessary paperwork and insurances.

Tip #3

Ensure your supplier provides you with receipts and a booking confirmation. Also take time to read their terms and conditions as this will often contain useful information. Check a company’s testimonials and feel free to ask for references. You may even like to speak to previous clients to see how they felt about the whole experience. Provide your wedding DJ in Detroit, MI with guidelines on the types of songs you do and don’t want played at your wedding. Supply a list of your favourite tunes but remember music that sounds good in the car for example, might not be suitable at a party. Have your favourites but consider the wedding guests and family who might like to dance as well.

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