Bakeshops in Houston, TX Where You Can Taste King Cakes Especially on Your Wedding

King Cakes for Weddings

Preparing and serving king cakes have become a huge part of Louisianan traditions, especially when it’s Mardi Gras season. In Houston, there are bakeries where you can have a taste of the famous king cake even when it is not Mardi Gras season or Christmas.

Many couples have replaced their wedding cake by serving wedding king cakes in Houston, TX. Of course, there is a huge difference because the traditional wedding cake is typically covered in white frosting and could be two to three layers. The king cake on the other hand is a round and Bundt-like bread and sprinkled with colored sugars. You can also have a taste of these king cakes for your wedding from these bakeshops.

wedding king cakesThe Boil House – born and raised in Louisiana, the owners are indeed knowledgeable when it comes to king cakes. This is not just the best place to visit if you are craving for Louisiana dishes, but definitely a must visit if you want an authentic king cake for your wedding. Well you actually have options between the traditional and cream cheese flavors, but you still get that king cake with dripping icing.

Acadian Bakers – while the owner is not from Louisiana, Sandi’s (owner) king cake recipe came from her grandmother who is from Louisiana. You will get more than just the traditional king cake you are looking for. You will have a three pound king cake, topped French buttercream icing and sugar sprinkles. It does not seem authentic, but many say the taste brought the Mardi Gras to their party.

Rao’s Bakery – now if you do not want to do the shipment of the wedding king cakes in Houston, TX to your wedding venue, this is the bakery to call. They can ship your ordered king cakes to your chosen wedding reception. Each ordered king cake comes with surprise items. Now if everyone in your wedding have had a taste of the traditional king cake, the bakery have diverse options of flavors that you could choose from.

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