Advice on Renting or Purchasing a Wedding Tuxedo for Black Tie Affair

Wedding Tuxedo Advice

One of the ultimate pieces of formal wear is the tuxedo. It was reportedly first worn in Tuxedo Park, New York, where it got its name. Through the years, the traditional black jacket, pants and bow tie have more variations. You will find tuxedo with white dinner jackets, long ties, collars and come in unique colors and fabrics.

Not every man is a fan of wearing a tux to a formal affair, like a wedding. However, a black tie wedding theme calls for men to arrive looking smart in a tuxedo. Tuxedos don’t come cheap as well, which is one reason why many men prefer to wear something different. If the occasion really calls for a tuxedo, you have the option to either buy a new one or rent one. Here’s something to help you decide whether to buy or rent a tuxedo.


Should you buy a tuxedo? The answer here depends on your financial capability. If you are looking for a quality tuxedo to wear to a wedding, it will cost a lot. You need to consider if buying a $1000 tuxedo is worth it. For instance, you are planning of wearing the tuxedo in other occasions after the wedding.

You have the advantage as well of having wider options when you buy a new tuxedo than renting. From the fabric, labels, buttons and design, it’s unlimited. You can also choose specifically a design and fabric of tuxedo that is ideal for a specific season.

New tuxedos can be tailored to give you a nicer fit, unlike the rented tuxedo. You can also have a custom tuxedo made to be consistent with the theme or motif of the wedding. Go for a classic design of tuxedo and you can certainly use it for years.

Why rent a tuxedo? Tuxedo rental is the best choice for men who are not regularly wearing a tux. When you are only planning to wear a tux during the wedding, then it won’t be worth it to spend on buying a new one. Typically, renting a tuxedo also comes with other formal accessories to complete your wedding look.

Designs for the tuxedo come and go. There are trending styles of tuxedos nowadays. By renting, you can opt for what’s at the moment and you won’t have any responsibilities of storing it afterwards. Tuxedo rental shops have a wide variety of tuxedos for a specific time and occasion.

Weigh the pros and cons of buying or renting a tuxedo for the wedding. This will give you an idea which best suits your budget and preference. In the end, you won’t regret your decision because you did your homework.

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