4 Biggest and Gorgeous Wedding Themes to Consider

What Wedding Theme to Have in Your Nuptial?

You’re getting married, congratulations! You’re undoubtedly nervous, excited and maybe even a bit apprehensive. Now, it’s time to decide on one of the most critical components of your special day: the theme. Finding the right theme for your wedding can be as difficult as selecting the perfect dress, but we’re going to help you have a little fun along the way. Choosing a theme isn’t easy for a first timer who’s getting married. There are so many popular and amazing themes that you can find out there but, you need something that will speak who you really are as a couple. Here are some of the creative wedding themes that will truly inspire you.

All About WeddingFairy Tale Nuptials

Have you been searching for the perfect tiara since childhood? Are you pining for a celebration that would put Cinderella’s ceremony to shame? You don’t actually have to be royalty to feel like a princess for a day. Go for a full-skirted wedding gown, top-tier plated dinners, a giant chocolate fondue fountain and a ceiling-high cake. Rent out a ballroom to fit hundreds of guests, hire a small orchestra to provide the music, and take off with Prince Charming in a limo after the reception.

Marriage Jamboree

If extravagance simply isn’t your style, you can always head South for a down-home country wedding. Mandatory cowboy hats — for both the gals and the gents — checkered tablecloths, bales of hay, barbecue and old-school honky-tonk will provide the perfect kitschy atmosphere for your country-themed nuptials. Host the ceremony outside or in a barn. A country bar with a big dance floor would make a great place for a reception. Don’t let a long, full-skirted wedding dress cramp your style when you walk down a grassy aisle or saddle up on the mechanical bull.

Extreme Weddings

Are you and your betrothed the kind of people who throw themselves out of airplanes for fun? Does spending quality alone time with your sweetie usually involve scuba gear or skis and a helicopter? If so, you might consider bailing on your plans for normal nuptials and make your wedding as extreme as the two of you are.

Seasonal Ceremonies

For a classic wedding theme that’s not too pricey or outlandish, celebrate the season! For a spring or summer wedding, deck out the bridal party in short, flirty dresses in pastel or vibrant colors, and incorporate lots of seasonal flowers in your bouquets and centerpieces. Nothing says spring quite like daisies, sunflowers and tulips. You can plan for the ceremony and reception to take place outdoors in a venue that’s full of life and gets great sunlight, like a cottage with a private garden or a secluded park.

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